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Scene Thinking: A Special Issue of Cultural Studies

A special issue of┬áCultural Studies┬áthat revisits Will Straw’s work on cultural scenes is now available online. Edited by Benjamin Woo (Carleton University), Jamie Rennie (University of Toronto), and Stuart R. Poyntz (Simon Fraser University), this issue brings scene theory into contemporary cultural practices and expands it far beyond North American and U.K. contexts to produce [...]

Post-Doctoral Scholars and the Non-Academic Labour Market

Check out this discussion of the value of non-academic work for the post-doctoral scholar. I argue that the private sector is missing out on a large and talented labour force. post-doctoral scholars as industry problem solvers Excerpt: A rapidly growing knowledge economy requires a creative, ambitious, and skilled workforce. Surplus PhDs offer a crucial labour [...]

Hook and Eye

For the past few months, I have been a regular contributor to the website Hook and Eye, a feminist blog that discusses research, teaching, and work-life balance. Here are a few of my recent posts discussing everything from the very serious issue of systemic violence against women to the banal challenges of not destroying your [...]

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