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Congress 2012, the National Post, and the fallout…

My conference paper, “Single, Awkward, Female: Debra DiGiovanni and the rise of the female stand-up comic in Canadian popular culture”, was picked up by the National Post to be covered as part of their “Oh the Humanities” section featuring work presented at Congress 2012. This research discusses the success and visibility of DiGiovanni in Canadian [...]

No Joke – JFL Stages ‘Smartphone’ Comedy Festival in Toronto | Mediacaster Magazine – Broadband & Content

  ┬áNo Joke – JFL Stages ‘Smartphone’ Comedy Festival in Toronto | Mediacaster Magazine – Broadband & Content. mediacaster is reporting that this years Toronto-based Just for Laughs festival will use mobile technology and social media to allow comedy audiences to alter programming choices. Essentially, by creating buzz, audience members will be (supposedly) able to [...]

DiGiovanni Storming the Boys Club

Released earlier this year, Debra DiGiovanni’s comedy special Single, Awkward, Female (entertainmentone, 2012) brings together all of her best diet, cat lady, and cougar jokes. “I found a much better way to lose weight. I am crossing my fingers and hoping to get a parasite. A tapeworm is like a metabolism buddy – you sit [...]

Letterman Comedy Talent Booker Not a Fan of Female Comics

The talent booker for Letterman, Eddie Brill, has reportedly been let go amid controversy stemming from statements made in a New York Times profile. Brill claimed, “there are alot less female comics who are authentic. I see alot of female comics who to please an audience will act like men.” Not surprisingly, The Late Show [...]

Heather Knight Creates Robotic Stand-Up Comic

In her December 2010 TED Woman lecture, social roboticist Heather Knight gave the first public demonstration of her latest project, a robot capable of altering its behavior in relation to audience feedback. Data, an intelligent robot, performs joke based stand-up comedy. It contains a joke database with subject-matter markers, and uses audience reactions to alter [...]

New Issue of Feminist Media Studies

The latest issue of Feminist Media Studies (Vol.10, Iss. 4) was published in December and I am happy to say that I have a short article in the Commentary and Criticism section: “Women, Humour, and Feminism.” In the past two issues, C&C editors Kumarini Silva and Kaitlynn Mendes have done an excellent job bringing together [...]

Guy Earle and the Stand-up Victim

Last week I attended a show at Joker’s Comedy Club in Halifax. While the show was hosted by a very funny female comic, the opener, middler, and headliner were all the familiar breed of white, heterosexual, male humorist with which the Canadian comedy scene seems to be flooded. This mathematical majority did not, however, prevent [...]

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