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CFP – Cultural Production in Canada

Cultural Production in Canada Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Communication Guest Editors, Zoë Druick and Danielle Deveau (La version française suit ci-dessous) The neoliberal turn in global politics and economic policy over the past few decades has given the cultural sector a new prominence as the mechanism of national “branding.” At the same [...]

Montreal tourist season at risk over tuition protests | News | National Post

  As stand-up comedy is often conflated with some sort of critical, political project, it is easy to forget that it is at its base an entirely commercial enterprise. The gatekeepers that deliver the stand-up product are at all times preoccupied with producing the optimum conditions for big sales. Case in point, festival president and [...]

DiGiovanni Storming the Boys Club

Released earlier this year, Debra DiGiovanni’s comedy special Single, Awkward, Female (entertainmentone, 2012) brings together all of her best diet, cat lady, and cougar jokes. “I found a much better way to lose weight. I am crossing my fingers and hoping to get a parasite. A tapeworm is like a metabolism buddy – you sit [...]

CanCon Does Well on Youtube

According to recently released YouTube viewership statistics, Canadians not only watch more hours of YouTube per capita than anyone else, they are also equally likely to watch Canadian videos as American ones. This finding renews questions about the relevance and efficacy of Canadian content regulation in other forms of media. northwestern states cement routing code [...]

How Celebratory is Too Celebratory?

Watching the Junos on Sunday, I couldn’t help but be uneasy at all of the emotional celebrations of Canadianness and Canadian music. Understandably an awards ceremony the supports Canadian cultural production must speak in some way to the importance of this national mandate, but a little subtlety would have gone a long way. International superstar [...]

Acadieman Cancellation Typically Canadian

Acadieman creator Dano Leblanc was left with few financial options following TV5′s sudden decision to pull out of a project that should have produced 13 new episodes of the popular series. northwestern states cement routing code Like many cultural producers in Canada, Leblanc has had difficulty finding financial support in a national broadcasting system that [...]

The Comedy of Difference

Canada is not the same as the US. At the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, you’ll hear about that a lot. For the Canadian audience, it would seem, jokes about the metric system, the french language, strong beer, politeness, and smoked-meat never get old. “Poutine! That stuff will kill you” says the comic, and laughter [...]

Stream: Culture/Politics/Technology

The latest issue of Stream was released this spring. It includes reviews, essays and articles on issues pertaining to art, culture and everyday life. northwestern states cement routing code It is also the last issue of Stream that I will be editing. Thanks to the team for helping me put it together. Check it out [...]

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