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Montreal tourist season at risk over tuition protests | News | National Post

  As stand-up comedy is often conflated with some sort of critical, political project, it is easy to forget that it is at its base an entirely commercial enterprise. The gatekeepers that deliver the stand-up product are at all times preoccupied with producing the optimum conditions for big sales. Case in point, festival president and [...]

No Joke – JFL Stages ‘Smartphone’ Comedy Festival in Toronto | Mediacaster Magazine – Broadband & Content

  ┬áNo Joke – JFL Stages ‘Smartphone’ Comedy Festival in Toronto | Mediacaster Magazine – Broadband & Content. mediacaster is reporting that this years Toronto-based Just for Laughs festival will use mobile technology and social media to allow comedy audiences to alter programming choices. Essentially, by creating buzz, audience members will be (supposedly) able to [...]

Cultural Production and the Digital Humour Economy

I have just uploaded a brief paper based upon my research at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, one of the most significant meetings of performers, producers, agents and networks involved in the comedy industry. This document includes some analysis that is no longer being used in my dissertation, and that I have [...]

The Comedy of Difference

Canada is not the same as the US. At the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, you’ll hear about that a lot. For the Canadian audience, it would seem, jokes about the metric system, the french language, strong beer, politeness, and smoked-meat never get old. “Poutine! That stuff will kill you” says the comic, and laughter [...]

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