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Scene Thinking: A Special Issue of Cultural Studies

A special issue of Cultural Studies that revisits Will Straw’s work on cultural scenes is now available online. Edited by Benjamin Woo (Carleton University), Jamie Rennie (University of Toronto), and Stuart R. Poyntz (Simon Fraser University), this issue brings scene theory into contemporary cultural practices and expands it far beyond North American and U.K. contexts to produce a truly global approach to thinking about cultural scenes in the field of cultural studies. It is my privilege to have worked with these editors, the result of which is an article on the Queen West comedy scene in Toronto (link to full text below).


Scene Thinking: Introduction
Benjamin Woo, Jamie Rennie & Stuart Poyntz

Some Things a Scene Might Be: Postface
Will Straw

‘We Weren’t Hip, Downtown People’: The Kids in the Hall, the Rivoli and the nostalgia of the Queen West scene
Danielle J. Deveau

Bodies That Remember: Gleaning scenic fragments of a brothel district in Yokohama
Ayaka Toshimizu

The Power of Scenes: Qualities of amenities and qualities of places
Daniel Silver & Terry Nichols Clark

Copy Machines and Downtown Scenes: Deterritorializing urban culture in a pre-digital era
Kate Eichhorn

Border Scenes: Detroit & Windsor
Michael Darroch

Approaching the Underground: The production of alternatives in the Bangladeshi metal scene
Shams Bin Quader & Guy Redden

Little Big Scene: Making and playing culture in Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet
Sara M. Grimes

When Scenes Fade: Methodological lessons from Sydney’s drag king culture
Kerryn Drysdale


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